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Real Time Remote Virtual Production

Tay5G Real Time Remote Project Nominated for Screen International Global Production Awards

The groundbreaking Tay5G Real Time Remote project has been shortlisted for the prestigious Screen International Global Production Awards for its virtual production innovation. This collaborative project involves Abertay University, Royal Holloway University of London, Story Futures, Space Digital, Tay Cities Deal, TayScreen, and the Scotland 5G Centre, showcasing the power of 5G technology in transforming the entertainment and production industries.

The project focuses on leveraging 5G technology to enable real-time remote production capabilities, revolutionising the way content is created and produced. By harnessing the low latency and high-speed connectivity of 5G networks, the project aims to enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and bring productions to life in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

The nomination for the Screen International Global Production Awards is a testament to the innovative and impactful work being done by the Tay5G Real Time Remote project team. The results of the awards are eagerly anticipated in May at the Cannes Film Festival. Hopes are running high for recognition of the project's cutting-edge virtual production solutions. 

Take a look at the full Screen International Global Production Awards Shortlist 2024.

Screen Internatinal Global Production Awards 2024


To see more about the work watch the video: 

Winners will be announced during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2024.

The movie industry is experiencing transformation through embracing Virtual Production and our work represents an extraordinary breakthrough to capitalise on this technology, enabled by 5G technology. Collaborators Abertay University in Scotland, Royal Holloway University of London/StoryFutures, Space Digital in Manchester, the Scotland 5G Centre and Tay Cities Region Deal demonstrated that it is now possible to shoot real-time scenes with actors and environments separated by 280 miles, with actors in both Dundee and Manchester, but merged together flawlessly on-screen. This project has enhanced traditional filmmaking by creating a 5G-enabled virtual space where distance is no longer a barrier.

Using Unreal Engine, a high-end computer graphics and games tool, and combining it with the speed and low latency of 5G networks, filmmakers have been able to render and manipulate complex virtual scenes in real time. The result is a seamless blend of physical and digital elements that would previously have been impossible or highly time-consuming with conventional methods. This is not just a technical triumph but also a narrative boon, allowing for unparalleled creative flexibility and storytelling potential. Game engines such as Unreal Engine are a cornerstone of Virtual Production and Abertay University in Dundee is in a unique position to straddle both games and screen production. The city is considered the birthplace of the UK games industry and its heritage dates back to the creation of Grand Theft Auto, which remains one of the most successful games of all time.

"Real-Time Remote" highlights the technical intricacies and challenges overcome but also the collaboration and innovation driving this project. It serves as an informational beacon for filmmakers, producers, tech enthusiasts, and audiences worldwide, curious about the next evolution in movie-making.

We are working to inspire future filmmakers and serve as a cornerstone reference for research and industry development. By recognising the significance of this moment, we collectively acknowledge how technology can push the frontiers of film, enabling creators to craft experiences previously consigned to the realms of imagination.