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Locate in Fife Tay, Scotland
The place to power up your screen, creative and digital business in Scotland

The screen industries are thriving at a phenomenal pace. Why not be a part of that momentum in Tay Cities Region? With exceptional digital infrastructure and a stream of creative talent emerging from the region’s prestigious universities and colleges, Fife Tay is the ideal place to bring your screen and creative business to life, diversify or scale up. The region takes in the cities of Dundee, Dunfermline and Perth across the council areas of Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perthshire.   


Start your journey with us and benefit not just from a prime geographical location but also from an innovative and supportive business ecosystem that is designed to help you succeed. In Tay Cities Region, we recognise the potential and importance of the gaming industry. Accordingly, we offer resources, networks, and funding opportunities to ensure your gaming business thrives. Join a community where creativity meets technology, and passion meets proficiency. Forge valuable connections and watch your gaming business soar in Fife. 

Choose a base in Fife Tay and you'll experience lower costs for talent and space compared to London, San Francisco, or Boston. It also offers fun, relaxation and exceptional quality of life for the ideal work/life balance so a great place to attract and retain the best of talent. Welcome to a world of opportunities, and take your gaming business to the next level.

The region offers a dynamic and interactive ecosystem that encourages innovation and creativity. Academic powerhouses like Abertay, Dundee and St. Andrews Universities exhibit a commendable track record of collaboration with industry. This is an overview about what’s on offer in Scotland, the UK and Tay Cities Region.

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Get Skills and Talent

Choose Tay Cities Region for your screen and creative business or project and you’ll find a regional community of ambitious, passionate and globally connected leaders. 

  • Over 96,000 highly skilled people working in digital technology roles
  • The UK’s first Centre for Excellence in Computer Games Education at Abertay University, a founding partner of Sony’s PlayStation First programme
  • Highly sought-after graduates from specialist courses at the universities of Abertay, Dundee and St. Andrews and Dundee & Angus, Fife and Perth UHI Colleges.
Money - get your hands on some
Tax incentives cash

It is helpful to consider a portfolio approach to funding and finance to improve your chances of raising what is needed. In summary funding should be explored across: public and private investment/equity, public and organisational grants, R&D grants, and project finance/loans. Games companies can also consider deals with publishers that can advance funds. Crowdfunding is always a possibility.

A portfolio approach is also greatly assisted by the use of tax incentives and the Enterprise and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes as these help to de-risk and optimise investment conditions.  

TayScreen and our partner Councils have established links with public and private sector agencies and can help with introductions and approaches.

Want to know more?

Tax Reliefs and Incentives
Tax incentives cash
Tax reliefs

These need a UK company that is registered for Corporation Tax. 

Enterprise Investment Incentives

The UK Government Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) provides relief for investors in qualifying companies, and additional relief is potentially available for investors under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) in companies that are in the earliest stages of development.

The investment must be for shares that have been fully paid up, in cash, when they are issued, and these must be full-risk ordinary shares, not redeemable with no preferential rights other than certain fixed preferential dividend rights. There are several possible benefits to investing under the EIS and SEIS:

Income Tax Relief
EIS income tax relief is claimed at 30% of the amount invested in the tax year in which the investment is made, up to £1,000,000 of investment (i.e. £300,000 of income tax relief per year).

Individuals can also claim SEIS Income Tax relief at 50% of the amount invested in the tax year in which the investment is made, up to £100,000 of investment (i.e. a maximum of £50,000 of income tax relief per year).

These reliefs can be carried back to the tax year preceding the year of investment, subject to the annual limit. The relief is given as a reduction of the investor’s income tax liability.

Shares must be held for a minimum period – usually three years.

Innovation and R&D
Lightbulb for research and development
Innovation Services

Engagement with university R&D can also be assisted by Interfacea central hub connecting organisations from a wide variety of national and international industries to all of Scotland’s universities, research institutes and colleges.

Innovation services include:

Data and Artificial Intelligence

The Data Lab is Scotland’s innovation centre for data and artificial intelligence (AI). It offers companies access to graphics innovations to enhance realistic experiences.

Immersive – VR/AR/XR

VR and AR play a key role in Scotland’s gaming sector and are attracting investment in collaborations between the private sector and universities. Microdisplay technology is driving immersive VR innovation in Scotland. Forth Dimension Displays based in Fife is designing and manufacturing high-resolution near-to-eye microdisplays for military, medical and virtual reality images.

Funding for R&D

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)        

UKRI is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the UK Government Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). Opportunities are listed and it is worth subscribing for updates. UKRI covers diverse areas and the most pertinent for screen are:

Arts and Humanities Research Council    

AHRC funds outstanding original research across the whole range of the arts and humanities.

Innovate UK 

A good starting point for all opportunities is the umbrella body for R&D funding, UK Research & Innovation Opportunities.

Horizon Europe      

This is the major EU R&D funding programme. Following Brexit, the UK has re-joined this programme.

UK joins Horizon Europe under new deal.

Horizon Europe Work Programmes.