Fife Tayside open for filming

Date: (26/04/2021)

As production has re-started in Scotland, we are saying hello and giving a warm welcome back to film and TV crews in Fife and Tayside.

Come and check out our amazing locations, film-crew friendly accommodation and all kinds of services ready to help and support you.

We have added a Covid-19 Annex to the Fife Tay Production Code. This is an Action List for filming in public locations and that may also be helpful for private locations. This is being kept under review in response to changing conditions arising from Covid-19. We continue to work on this with the Scottish Locations Network, Screen Scotland, Film Offices UK, Flm London and Creative England to provide parity across the UK.

Along with the Fife Tay Production Code, you can download the Covid-19 Annex at our How we help page

It also  includes links to various codes of practice now in place. A key code that concerns film and high-end TV has been published by the British Film Commission (BFC) working in collaboration with the British film Institute and stakeholders across the UK including major production studios and Screen Scotland. Further codes include those published through PACT (Producers Alliance for Cinema and TV) by major UK broadcasters, the Advertising Producers Association and screen union, BECTU. 

The codes broadly require productions to plan and provide safe workingenvironments, follow health and safety procedures and include having a member of the crew be responsible for supervising these. Many production companies, distributors, studios, production spaces and locations also have their own Covid responses and procedures. 

In response to this requirement, various training courses are being offered including by ScreenSkills.

Further information is at Screen Scotland.

The codes can be seen as follows:

British Film Commission (BFC)
Working Safely During COVID-19 in Film and High-end TV Drama Production 

PACT and UK Broadcasters
Production Guidance



Whether you are planning production or are otherwise connected with with the sector, please get in touch and we will do our best to help.