Hand Pict

Looking for film locations that are authentic and ancient?  Take a look at Pictish Stone Circles and Round Towers that are at least two thousand years old

The Picts emerged as a known community in around 200AD but there is Iron Age evidence going back almost a thousand years earlier to 700BC.  They were known as the painted people by the Romans and may have painted or tattooed their faces and bodies.

They were a force to be reckoned with on one of the northern borders of the Roman empire and stood their ground for at least the next 600 years.

One of the Celtic tribes, they lived in central and northern Scotland and have left behind extensive sites in Angus, Fife and Perthshire and it is believed they founded the earliest settlement that became the city of Dundee. 

You can see a map of sites at this link.

Pictish stone from Aberlemno, Angus 

Many of their symbol stones are intricately carved with images such as knotwork and celtic crosses.

Many towns in the region still have Pictish names such as Pittenweem and Pitlochry, “Pit” meaning cave.

Dunino Den, Fife

Kinnell Stone Circle, Killin, Perthshire



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JM BARRIE, Peter Pan and Wendy